Health Care Solutions

Our Health Care Solutions

Fall Detection

Accurate vision-based tracking of an elderly person at home, profiling multiple movements simultaneously to report trends analysis with low obstruction, and sending alerts when unusual behavior occurs.

Real Time Computer Vision

 Identify visible signatures of painful, unstable, and confused motion likely to lead to falls by analyzing motion pattern, recognition modules, video based human detection in real time.

Elderly Society

In the midst of a profound demographic shift to a significant population of people over aged, AI based assistive technologies can provide assurance, create alert and ensure well being at a reducing caregiver burden.

Elder Care System

Our elder care system uses video analytics to monitor elderly family members’ behavior and raising alerts when unusual or unstable behavior ensues. To develop an advanced technique for proactive prediction of accidents such as falls based on gait analysis and statistical profiling over time. The technology we develop in the project will play a role in increasing Thailand’s readiness for the rapid aging of its citizenry.